Tour Itinerary

Discover South Korea

June 24th- July 8th Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Welcome Dinner

  • Arrive before 5 PM for a smooth check-in and settling

  • Engaging welcome dinner

Day 2: Exploring Gangnam and University Visit

  • Venture into Gangnam for a vibrant day of underground shopping and trendy boutiques

  • Savor a delightful lunch amid Gangnam’s bustling atmosphere

  • Immerse in the unique charm of Yonsei University, strolling from its campus to the lively streets of Sinchon and Hongdae

  • Experience the dynamic energy of Hongdae with a lively dinner

Day 3: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Hanbok Experience, and Cultural Exploration

  • Step into the grandeur of Gyeongbokgung Palace, don traditional Hanboks, and capture timeless moments in Hanok Village

  • Embark on a sensory journey in Insadong, relishing in a leisurely lunch, exploring vibrant street markets, and indulging in street food delights

  • Uncover the artistic vibe of Ikseondong

Day 4: K-Pop Day and Myeongdong Street Food

  • Immerse in the pulsating world of K-Pop, exploring the SM Kwangya Seoul Flagship Store, K-POP Square, and K-star road

  • Dive into the bustling excitement of Myeongdong, indulging in a culinary adventure with street food delights

  • Allow students to unwind, or rest,

Day 5: Lotte World

  • Embark on an exciting day at Lotte World, an indoor theme park offering thrills and entertainment

  • Optionally engage in a uniform-themed activity, adding a touch of fun to the day

Day 6: Making class + Cafe hopping

  • Kimchi class or Make your own perfume class

  • Visit an animal cafe

  • Visit Coex

Day 7: Seoul Forest, Pop Up Event, and Dinner in Seongsudong

  • Immerse in the lush greenery of Seoul Forest, possible location for a picnic

  • Attend one of the many pop ups available that are constantly changing, a fun way to change our adventure in korea

  • Wind down the day with a relaxed dinner in the booming neighborhood of Konkuk


  • Explore the tense history of the Korean Peninsula with a DMZ tour, including visits to iconic sites like the Joint Security Area, Third Tunnel of Aggression, and Dora Observatory.


  • Visit all the Kdrama locations located around Seoul

Day 10: Two options to choose from Outdoor spa or temple stay

  • Option is an Outdoor Spa (Aquafield) Enjoy a hot day inside a Pool with a view and relaxing spa day just like the KDRAMAs

  • Temple Stay

Day 11: Sports Show, Han River Bike Ride, and Ramen by the Han River

  • Attend an in season sports show

  • Soak in the scenic beauty of the Han River with a leisurely bike ride

  • Savor a delicious ramen dinner with the Han River

Day 12: Incheon Day – China Town, Fantasy Land, and Wolmido

  • Discover the cultural richness of Incheon, strolling through its vibrant China Town

  • Relish a delightful lunch in this cultural enclave before exploring the enchanting Fantasy Land

  • Embark on a scenic bus journey to Wolmido, a charming island, culminating in a delightful dinner


Day 13: Nanta Show and Seoul Tower with Cable Cars

  • Experience the humor and rhythm of the Nanta show, providing a memorable cultural encounter

  • Ascend to Seoul Tower, enjoying breathtaking views via cable cars

  • Dinner to celeberate program coming to an end.

Day 14: Departure day

Depending on flight times, enjoy one last lunch together

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